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Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams, Lizzo dancers: “No one speaks out because they are afraid.”

Others are allegedly afraid to speak up, according to two of Lizzo’s former dancers who are suing the pop artist for assault. Crystal Williams and Arianna Davis claimed they made the claim in an effort to shield their coworkers from harm. According to Ms. Williams, she wanted to make sure that Lizzo’s other dancers “don’t have to go through that same experience” A comment from Lizzo and the other alleged members of her team has been requested. The charges in the lawsuit have not yet been proven in court, and the artist has not yet given a public response to them.

Allegations of sexual, religious, and racial harassment, discrimination, assault, and false detention are included in the civil case against the British and Grammy Award winner.

After appearing on Lizzo’s Amazon Prime Show, the actual name Melissa Jefferson, tour, Ms. Davis and Ms. Williams claim they were fired.

Despite the fact that it went against her Christian views, Ms. Davis claims she was coerced into attending sex shows while on tour with a celebrity in Europe.


She also claims Lizzo organized a night out for the dancers in an Amsterdam strip club earlier this year and said she was under pressure to touch a naked performer’s breasts because the celebrity was leading chants of her name until she complied.

Ms. Davis said to the CBS network, “I’m so fresh to this industry. And the fact that this is my first encounter is crazy.

“Nobody speaks up because they’re so scared for their jobs,” she continued, adding, “I was terrified for my job.”

Lizzo allegedly hinted that the dancer had put on weight, according to Ms. Davis. Despite not being stated specifically, the questions she was asked, according to the lawsuit documents, “gave Ms. Davis the impression that she needed to explain her weight gain and disclose intimate personal details about her life in order to keep her job.” Ms. Davis told CBS that her enthusiasm and dancing ability were both the same. My weight was the only aspect of me that was unusual.

Ms. Davis said of the alleged comments about her weight: “There was this underlying air of, ‘Why are you bigger?'”

The same dancer alleged in the legal docs that Lizzo publicly shames dancers who are overweight. She said that the singer made barely disguised comments about how much weight she had gained, and Ms. Davis felt she had to provide personal information about how her worry had caused her to binge eat in order to keep her job.

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, the two filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, her production company, and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley for allegedly creating a hostile work environment that included sexual harassment and fat-shaming. They were joined by a third former dancer, Noelle Rodriguez, who quit over the alleged treatment of the other two.

The dancers were fired a few days after Lizzo allegedly hinted they were drinking before performances, according to the lawsuit.

Alcohol was never permitted in the dressing room or on the rider, Ms. Davis informed CBS, thus this was never the case.

Ms. Williams continued, “If there is anything I can do to prevent dancers, vocalists, or anyone else who chooses to work with her from having to go through the same trauma, I will do that.

Who is Lizzo?


Top of the line in the music business is Lizzo. She performed on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in June to one of the largest crowds of the weekend and won record of the year at this year’s Grammys for About Damn Time.

She debuted on the charts this week with Pink, a song she contributed to the soundtrack of the wildly successful Barbie movie. The 35-year-old Houston, Texas, native is renowned for promoting body acceptance and diversity in both her songs and live performances. Lizzo and the other accused individuals have been contacted by the BBC for comment, but they have not yet given a formal response to the accusations.

Who performs as the dancers?

The 24-year-old Indiana native Arianna Davis has danced since she was a young child and is currently working toward a degree in music production.

She gained notoriety during the epidemic when she responded to Lizzo’s casting call and shared a video of herself dancing on TikTok, where she duetted with the musician. She participated in Lizzo’s Amazon reality show Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, which won the Emmy for outstanding competitive program and helped Lizzo discover new dancers. She later went on tour with the singer and performed at the 2023 Brit Awards in February.


Also briefly appearing on Lizzo’s reality program and later “Special Tour” was Texas native Crystal Williams, 26. She submitted an online application to Lizzo’s casting call after performing with a collegiate dance ensemble while majoring in mass communication. She briefly participated in the TV dancing competition before leaving early to take a position as one of the singer’s new supporting dancers.

The 25-year-old Texas native Noelle Rodriguez was absent from Lizzo’s reality competition show.

She was employed after appearing in her single “Rumors” music video. She has previously performed as a background dancer in several high-profile TV commercials and a sequence from the first season of the US teen drama Euphoria. In addition to Lizzo, she has shared the stage alongside Beyonce at Coachella, Sam Smith at the Billboard Music Awards, and Janet Jackson. She recently wrote on Instagram, “It brings me peace to be at a point in my career where I can say no to disrespect.”


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