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Bulldog bites Shatta Wale: “You are wealthy, but your mother is homeless.”

Bulldog has harshly criticized Shatta Wale in a recent post, pointing out his mother’s unfortunate situation as homeless and exposing the hypocrisy of his claim to be Ghana’s wealthiest artiste.

Wale’s latest feud appears to be escalating, as Bulldog’s post undermines Wale’s credibility.
According to the ex-manager, Wale’s mother has been struggling to find a stable place to live, while he has been busy dismissing fellow musicians and boasting about his wealth.

In addition, Bulldog stated that it was he and his team who introduced Rapperholic, establishing it as the first significant platform where Shatta Wale displayed his talent, given his previous performances on rudimentary wooden stages.

Bulldog went above and beyond by sharing a video of Shatta Wale himself admitting this truth, igniting a lively discussion about Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Bulldog didn’t stop there, reminding Shatta Wale that Sarkodie was ten times ahead of him, implying that he should stop denying reality and relentlessly attacking him.

Bulldog also took a shot at Wale’s mother, pointing out that despite claiming to be Ghana’s wealthiest artiste, his mother is homeless.

“I created RAPPERHOLIC with my team, Nabil Alhassan, and Kendrick Yehowada Meek,” he writes in his post. 11 years ago, the platform gave you the CHANCE TO PERFORM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE ON A PROPER STAGE WITH LIGHTING AND SOUND and a CLASSY VENUE. You say you’re better than Sarkodie today?
King? Sark is a DECADE your senior. KWASHIA KWASHIABI! #junkie”




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