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Dr. Kwame Kyei bought the Abrankese Stadium for Kotoko – Nana Coker

The activities of Dr. Kwame Kyei, the previous chairman of the Kotoko Executive Board, have been clarified by Nana Coker.

Coker asserts that Dr. Kyei’s purchase of the Abrankese Stadium was a calculated choice made to help Kotoko, one of the most well-known football teams in the nation.

Despite claims to the contrary, Dr. Kwame Kyei does not own Nations FC. His two children actually own the club.

After performing admirably in Zone II of the national division one league the previous season, Nations FC, a newly promoted team in the Ghana Premier League, earned its spot.

Let me take this opportunity to dispel any misconceptions about Dr. Kyei, the real owner of Nations Football Club. Instead of being for Dr. Kyei, Nations FC is for his two children, and the Dr. Kyei Complex stadium is Dr. Kyei’s private property, he stated.

Abrankese Stadium

“He primarily purchased and renovated the stadium to serve Kotoko’s interests,”

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