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FIFA ordered us to give Slavko Matic $14,000 says Hearts of Oak.

Hearts of Oak has released a press statement to clarify information to the public regarding a complaint former head coach Slavko Matic made against the team to FIFA.

According to a number of stories in the Ghanaian media on Tuesday, FIFA had ordered the Accra-based team to pay the Serbian manager $50,000 in order to terminate his contract and make up some unpaid salary arrears.

Hearts of Oak, however, stated that the statistic cited in the media is wildly inaccurate in a press release issued this evening.

The club claimed that Slavko Matic, a former head coach, had in fact dragged it before FIFA. However, it suggests that FIFA simply ordered the team to pay the gaffer’s $14,000 debt.

Slavko Matic

“FIFA has made a decision in reference to a complaint made by Accra Hearts of Oak’s former coach, Slavko Matic.

“The ruling directed that the Club pay USD 14,002 as amounts outstanding for remuneration (prorated), reimbursable, and 2 months breach of contract (after the supporters forcibly prevented him from training),” the Hearts of Oak release stated.

“All other claims by Matic were rejected by FIFA,” it continued. We want to make clear that FIFA’s position and the club’s position are in agreement, thus the club paid Mr. Matic the appropriate amount weeks ago (minus any loans he accepted but failed to disclose to FIFA).

“We have brought the matter before our attorneys and will keep the public informed of any new developments.”

A copy of the Hearts of Oak press release is provided below:

Slavko Matic

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