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In the midst of Twitter’s ‘X’ redesign, TikTok introduces text posts.

Following Twitter’s perplexing redesign to “X,” TikTok will suddenly appear a little more familiar to Twitter users.

TikTok launched a new text-based style for posts as Twitter (sorry, X) continued its steady descent into online rubbish. The social networking platform launched text as a new post format on Monday in addition to the already available formats for uploading images, videos, and live streams. You may now create a post in the text on the camera page and add sound, stickers, backgrounds, and other options that are available for video or photo posts. The Verge reports that the announcement did not specify a character restriction, but that there is one of up to 1,000.


It’s nearly difficult to discuss Twitter’s rebranding without mentioning TikTok’s announcement. Over the weekend, Elon Musk changed the company’s recognizable bluebird emblem to an X and set the domain name “” to go to the Twitter website. An endless list of contentious changes, such as deleting legacy authentication and imposing daily limits on users, has provided competing social media sites with a lucrative opportunity to lure people away from the shifting platform. Meta debuted Threads a few weeks ago, and in only one week, it racked up 100 million users. But as consumers discovered that it lacked essential features, interest decreased. With its new post structure that resembles a tweet, TikTok now seems to be the finest Twitter substitute.

TikTok is currently the most well-liked app among Generation Z, with over a billion users globally. Is this the trick to become the acknowledged Twitter killer? We ought to learn fairly rapidly, given the small attention span of the internet.

Brako Stephen
Brako Stephen
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