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Jah Rule, an American rapper, is planning to build a school in Ghana.

The american rapper emphasized his love for children and his excitement to begin this project, which will provide thousands of children with access to a cutting-edge educational facility once completed, likely taking a cue from his fellow American Michael Blankson.

As previously stated, his gesture follows Michael Blacnkson’s construction of a school in Ghana last year.
Remember that on January 3, 2023, the American comedian opened the Michael Blackson Academy in his hometown of the Central Region of Ghana, commemorating the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at his home.

Michael Blankson

“Today is the greatest day of my life because I’ve finally accomplished what I always wanted to do which is giving these kids a chance to be great,” Blackson wrote on his Twitter account. “Greatness starts with education and foundational education shouldn’t come with financial barriers.”

Blackson first announced that his school was finished in December 2022, thanks to the help of his fans.

The mission of Michael Blackson Academy is “educating our future leaders.”

“Finally it’s all done and the kids in my village will all go to school for free,” he wrote in an email. “Thanks to all my fans that supported me thru out the years, every ticket you bought to my show helped a kid.”
Aside from running a school, Blackson is the founder of the Michael Blankson Foundation. According the American rapper, he founded the non-profit organization after being inspired to effect change as a result of his upbringing.

“Growing up, I always imagined myself giving back to the community and my country,” he said on the foundation’s website. “I hadn’t been home in a long time, but when I did, there were certain things that were so beautiful and touched my heart.” There were so many children roaming the streets during school hours that I became curious as to why they weren’t in school.”

“I discovered that the children were eager to learn but were unable to attend school due to their economic circumstances,” he continued. That struck a chord with me and told me that this was what I needed to do for my country. I needed to find a way to provide families with a quality education regardless of their financial situation, which is when the Michael Blackson Foundation started.”

Blackson’s Foundation prioritizes the power of education by providing scholarships to youth who cannot afford a quality education.



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