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My constituents want me k!lled because of the “bye-election dev’t” NPP MP weeps.

George Kwabena Takyi, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Manso-Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, referred to the wishes of his constituents for him to pass away in order to enable progress in the area as regrettable.

The MP expressed displeasure that some people want him to pass away in order to make way for a bye-election, which they believe will result in significant improvement in the area in response to concerns from his constituents on Akoma FM regarding the lack of progress in the area.

Many individuals have recently asked for their MP to pass away in order to assure progress in their area.

They talk about how quickly things change in constituencies where there will be by-elections.

Some Manso-Nkwanta residents who called into the show prayed for the death of their MP in order to achieve advancement.


They contended that such sad occurrences would supposedly open the door for the urgently required community development initiatives.

They claimed that the NPP started road construction and development projects after the deaths of Philip Atta Basoah and James Gyakye Quayson, respectively, in an effort to win votes for their party’s candidates in the recent bye-elections at Kumawu and Assin North.

Kumawu callers said in a phone-in comment that the constituency would not have received attention for infrastructure development if the MP had not gone away.

“We observed them bringing a grader to prepare the road for building, so I pondered whether the road would have been built if the MP had not passed away. Then it dawned on me that everyone whose MP is a member of the NPP should implore God to have them killed.


They also questioned why such initiatives were not started while the representative was still living rather than using his passing to spur advancement.

In response, Manso-Nkwanta MP George Takyi expressed displeasure with their remarks and told them that he is doing everything in his power to enhance the infrastructure in his district.

He said that the contractor will shortly continue work on the Pakyi Nos. 1 and 2 roads, which were given under contract.

He promised that areas like Manso-Nkwanta, Antoakrom, and others will soon be under construction.

He said that it is unfair to hope someone would pass away in order to make space for development, but the government is making every effort to repair the inadequate infrastructure, including the roads.


Brako Stephen
Brako Stephen
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