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Record rainfall drenches California, killing three.

A strong storm that brought flooding, mudslides, and power outages to California also claimed the lives of at least three people due to falling trees.

Since the storm’s beginning, fire officials have responded to more than 130 flooding incidents and carried out multiple rescue operations.

In just one day, it was predicted that Los Angeles and the surrounding areas would receive about six months’ worth of rain.

Forecasters predict that Tuesday will see more intense rain and potentially fatal flash flooding.

The “atmospheric river” effect, a phenomenon where water evaporation into the air and wind-borne formation of long currents that flow in the sky as rivers flow on land, is the cause of the storm.

After two weeks, this is the second atmospheric river to hit California.


Some hilly neighborhoods in southern California, including Los Angeles, where local officials have declared an emergency, have received evacuation orders from officials.

“Be safe and off the roads now more than ever,” stated LA Mayor Karen Bass on Monday. “Only leave your house if it is necessary.”

The governor has also issued a state of emergency in eight state counties.

Landslides have occurred in the northern region near San Francisco, one of the world’s hilliest cities, and the surrounding areas.

According to officials, three men have perished in tree falls, one in the Sacramento Valley and one when a tree fell on a house in Santa Cruz County. When a redwood tree fell in his backyard in Yuba City, Northern California, another older man perished.

Additionally, the area received a lot of snowfall from the same storm system. No one was harmed in Monday’s avalanche that struck the Lee Canyon ski resort, which is close to Las Vegas, Nevada.

There have been reports of debris flows and mudslides in the Los Angeles region. On Sunday, mudslides in the Hollywood Hills uprooted sixteen residents from their homes, rupturing gas lines and uprooting buildings.

Among the debris, witnesses claim to have seen pianos and refrigerators moving through the streets.

There were also reports of damage in the affluent Bel Air and Beverly Hills neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Rescuers had to assist drivers stranded in San Bernardino County and Los Angeles due to flooding.

According to San Bernardino County Fire, a mother, father, and daughter were forced from their car early on Monday and managed to climb into a tree to escape the rising flood waters.

The 50-foot (15-meter) sailboat that the 19 boaters were sailing lost its mast in gale-force winds, and the coast’s fire rescue teams responded by stranding them on rocks close to the Long Beach breakwater.

There was only one person with non-life-threatening injuries among the group that lifeguards helped to rescue boats after sending rescue swimmers to establish contact with them.

Apart from downed trees and power outages, strong winds of up to 70 mph (112 km/h) were also to blame for Monday night’s major gust reduction.

It comes after what has already been the state’s most record-breaking day. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), downtown Los Angeles saw 4.1 inches (10.4 cm) of rain on Sunday, breaking the previous record of 2.5 inches set in 1927.

Schools from Malibu to Sonoma County, which is close to San Francisco, have had to close due to the storm and the ensuing flooding.


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