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Seydou Zerbo’s sabotage statements are baseless allegations, according to Abdulai Gazale.

Recent allegations of sabotage made by former Asante Kotoko coach Seydou Zerbo during his tenure with the Reds have been immediately debunked by Abdulai Gazale, his former assistant coach, who characterizes them as unfounded claims.

Gazale has angrily denied any involvement in undermining Zerbo’s coaching stint, claiming that such charges are unfounded and serve to damage his reputation in the business world.

Abdulai Gazale responded to Seydou Zerbo’s accusations on Oyerepa FM by listing a number of instances and adding that he has worked with several coaches who have never reported sabotage.

Nana yaw

The accusations made against me by Coach Seydou Zerbo are unprofessional. When I was around, we played around six matches, and he acted way toward me by closing me up in the dressing room. I asked the management to leave since I cannot work with someone who doesn’t trust me, he said. “I didn’t expect such a thing to come from him.

“After the altercation in the dressing room, he humiliated me in front of the players and told them he would never again permit me to warm up with the team. Kotoko played roughly 16 matches after I did it, and things were not going well.

The number of games I participated in was less than the number of games I missed, so how could I be someone who was sabotaging him? “Coach Zerbo cannot sit here and accuse me of sabotaging him,”


“It’s unfortunate that he said that; I didn’t anticipate it from him. Out of all the coaches I’ve worked with, he is the only one who has voiced complaints about sabotage.

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