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The 8th of January has been declared a public holiday.

Ambrose Dery, the Minister of Interior, has officially announced that Monday, January 8, 2024, will be designated as a public holiday in honor of Constitution Day.

Minister Dery emphasized the significance of this day in a statement, noting that Sunday, January 7, 2024, is already designated as a Statutory Public Holiday for Constitution Day.
However, because it falls on a Sunday, His Excellency, the President of Ghana, has used his Executive Instrument (E.I.) powers, as stated in Section 2 of the Public Holidays and Commemorative Days Act (Act 601).

As a result, Monday, January 8, 2024, has been designated as a new public holiday. The statement also urged people to mark this day as a national holiday.

When is Ghana’s Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a significant event in Ghana that commemorates the establishment of the 1992 Constitution, which marked the birth of Ghana’s fourth republic. This historic event occurred in January 1993, following a successful referendum on April 28, 1992.

Constitution Day is observed on January 7th, following the presidential and parliamentary elections, and represents the beginning of a new parliament after each election year. The previous parliament of Ghana is dissolved at midnight on January 6, paving the way for the new parliament to take its place.

This annual celebration not only honors the efforts made over the years to uphold and sustain the fourth republic but also recognizes the importance of the 1992 constitution in shaping the nation’s governance and democratic principles.



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