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The Top 12 Chopped Salad Recipes to Make for Dinner.

These delectable main dishes are intended to make your life so much easier because they are quick, simple, and reasonably priced to prepare.
Salad always sounds like a side dish at dinner rather than the main event. However, a delicious Chopped Salad may be both gratifying and filling. Having some quick, no-cook salad suppers on hand can also make for delicious dinners all season long as the weather gets warmer. For barbecues and potlucks, main dish salads are a great lighter option.

With our selection of the top 10 chopped salads for dinner this week, up your summer salad game.

Buttermilk Dressed Chopped Salad

Chopped Salad


This salad’s focus on vegetables is enhanced by a light ranch-style dressing. Even while it would make a fantastic side dish on its own, adding some grilled chicken or steak turns it into a complete meal. Do you want to make the main course vegetarian? Add some crispy fried tofu pieces or a can of drained beans.

Cobb Salad

The first chopped salad that tasted like a meal was probably a Cobb salad. The flavors are delightfully strong, and the beautifully arranged stripes of chicken, egg, blue cheese, bacon, and avocado create a visual wow factor. Ranch dressing is used in this variation, although vinaigrettes, blue cheese, or red French-style dressings also work.

Salsa Verde and Spicy Southwest Chopped Salad

Making a bright avocado and corn salsa to serve on top of your chopped salad with grilled chicken, lettuce, and black beans will give it some Southwest flair.

Chopped Salad

Chopped Brussels Sprout Salad

This fresh shaved salad will persuade you otherwise if you believe that Brussels sprouts are only good for roasting. It is boosted with almonds and cranberries and has a Dijon shallot vinaigrette. It is the ideal side dish. For a complete meal, simply add a filet of grilled salmon or some pulled pork.

My Big Fat Greek Salad

With its brilliant red-wine vinegar dressing, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and fresh oregano, a classic Greek salad could be one of the most cooling foods available. Even though this salad is a vegetarian main dish on its own, you may add chickpeas or serve it with grilled shrimp or chicken to provide more protein.

Salad with Kale and Feta

One of those robust greens, like kale, adds a pleasant depth to a salad. The apple and currants in this rendition tend toward sweetness to balance the sharpness; the sweet nuttiness of pine nuts and salty feta complete the platter. Would you like to upgrade this salad? Add cooked skirt steak on top.

Chopped Turkey Salad with Grapes

It’s traditional to top a green salad with a serving of chicken or tuna salad. For a fun variation, this dish substitutes a creamy turkey salad and includes grapes for a touch of sweetness.

Party-sized chopped vegetable salad with chorizo seasoning

One of those flavor combinations that just works is that of chorizo, the hot, fresh sausage from Mexico. With the spices from that sausage, this tasty chopped kale salad makes a salad dressing with all the zing and none of the meat! Bring this big salad to your upcoming summer BBQ or potluck because it is perfect for a crowd.

Whole Plant Chopped Salad

There are times when you want a salad that goes with everything. This whole plant chopped salad will satisfy your cravings because it’s made with ingredients you can find year-round and is dressed with your favorite dressing.

Baja Salada

Avocado, corn, black beans, and crunchy tortilla chips give a straightforward salad some Mexican flair; a lemon cumin dressing binds it all together. This is a fantastic standalone dish or side dish for fajita night!

Chef’s salad with black pepper ranch and grilled chicken.

Similar to a Cobb salad, except with cubed Cheddar cheese in place of the blue cheese. In addition to butter lettuce or your other greens, chopped iceberg lettuce is mixed with a fresh herb dressing. Add your personal touch with cubes of ham or chopped olives, if you prefer.

Salad Nicoise

Take a trip to the South of France and savor a chilly summer dish. This well-known prepared salad includes hard-boiled eggs, fresh potatoes, blanched green beans, anchovies, and olives.

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