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Twitter’s website looks terrible when the company changed its name to X.

Elon Musk has finally discovered a use for his domain name after searching for years.

According to reports, Twitter, a well-known brand that popularized the verb “tweet” worldwide, has shut down. Today, Twitter is X. Musk had previously mentioned utilizing Twitter to develop his ultimate concept for an all-encompassing software called X. The choice to rename Twitter to the new name, however, appears to have been made over the weekend when Musk essentially asked his followers to submit ideas for a new logo.

Musk tweeted, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” before deciding on a new style.

The new symbol for the platform that is now called name is just X, a generic Unicode character that stands for a “mathematical double-struck capital X.”
Musk also replaced Twitter’s distinctive blue bird logo with an X across the site in the wee hours of Monday morning. The business also replaced the blue bird on all of its official accounts’ avatars with the new logo.

A rebranding of this kind typically requires a lot of time and effort, which Musk’s team clearly did not have. X, the platform once known as Twitter, currently appears to be a complete mess because Musk hasn’t said goodbye to all the birds just yet.
On the webpage, Musk replaced the platform’s logos with the new icon, but the wording still urges users to “Join Twitter today.”


The new logo is also displayed to users who attempt to log in, directly above a popup asking them to “sign in to Twitter.”
The bluebird that used to occupy the left-side menu bar has been replaced with the new logo whenever a user logs in. But directly opposite that logo is a text box with the words “Search Twitter.”

Users of the platform are left feeling very perplexed because Twitter / X appears to be going through an identity crisis.

Even worse, the most crucial component of the jigsaw, the domain name, isn’t completely operational. On Sunday, Musk announced the redirect, which will drive users of to


The DNS update is not propagating for many users, though, since it occasionally takes some time to fully take effect—a real indicator of a last-minute proposal, as this would’ve been done well in advance of a public launch. Therefore, for the time being, certain visitors to are met with a GoDaddy domain name parking page.
In the rebrand, some components of Musk’s platform have been completely disregarded. Twitter Blue, the premium subscription service that costs $8 per month, is still known by that name.
The platform’s updated terms of service and privacy policies still mention Twitter and use the bird emblem rather than the new version that is used elsewhere.


Twitter Business and its Twitter Advertising service, the platform’s two main sources of income, are also unaffected. “TWITTER IS #WHATSHAPPENING” greets brands as they log in to control their ads on the website that is now known as X.


Apart from the area of the site that has historically generated more than 90% of its annual revenue, there are a few intriguing places where Musk made sure the rebranding was done.
Earlier on Monday morning, the Twitter bird favicon could still be seen in the URL box on web browsers, but it has since been replaced by the new logo.

On Monday afternoon, the business started removing the Twitter sign from its San Francisco office building. Additionally, the new logo was projected inside the building to welcome staff members, and employee conference rooms were given X-themed titles such as “exposure” and “s3xy.”


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