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Voters in Paris support raising the cost of parking for SUVs.

SUV parking costs in the French metropolis have increased significantly, with approval from the populace. 54.55% of voters in Paris approved the proposals.

The change triples the hourly parking fee for cars weighing 1.6 tonnes or more in inner Paris to €18 (£16; $20).

Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who has maintained that SUVs are harmful to the environment and dangerous, called for a vote.

Voting was open to about 1.3 million people living in central Paris. Nonetheless, the outcome won’t have an impact on them because residents will still be able to park on the street.

The primary target audience for this move is suburbanites who commute to the capital city for the day.

Fully electric vehicles, taxi drivers, craftspeople, medical professionals, and individuals with disabilities are exempt.

Almost ten years have passed since Ms. Hidalgo took office. Numerous Parisian streets, including those along the Seine River, have become pedestrian zones during her term as mayor.

To further deter driving, a vast network of bike lanes has also been constructed.

Environmentalists contend that SUVs emit more harmful emissions during production and use, and they also use more fuel than other types of cars.

Advocates of the measure also point out that in collisions, taller cars tend to be deadlier than lighter ones.

However, opponents and drivers’ organizations have both criticized the plan, claiming that the SUV classification is misleading because it will affect a large number of family-sized cars.

The surcharge amounted to “punitive environmentalism,” according to centrist French Environment Minister Christophe Bechu, who made the statement to broadcaster RTL.

When the city of Paris held a referendum in April of last year to outlaw the rental of e-scooters, Ms. Hidalgo prevailed. Less than 8% of eligible voters, nevertheless, cast ballots.



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